PDI results Round 1 22_23


Colour Pdi Round 1 2022-23
1 November 2022JudgeRalph Duckett
Angie Tucker1Walking the Dog20
Fred Pratt1The Indecisive Moment20
John Phillips1Buttermere Pines20
Noel Bennett1Iris Parade20
Steve Laycock1Early Morning Breakfast20
Brian Dicks1Inside the Coalyard19
Dave Tucker1Resting Rancher19
Fred Pratt1Tuscany Cypresses19
Howard Bagshaw1Cambodian craftsman19
Tessa Bramall1Lifeboat Returns19
Brenda Appleyard1black rock cottage19
Anna Warrington1Looking to land18
Dennis Bates1Nature strikes back18
Norman Raine1hebridean impression18
Barry Greasley1Joining the Main Line17
Barry Greasley1Elements of Monaco17
Dave Tucker1Black hat17
John Phillips1In The Rough17
Michelle Sanderson1Dust and Dirt17
Michelle Sanderson1Autumn Fall17
Miles Caven1747 cruising to victory17
Miles Caven1Early Evening Moon17
Peter Owen1Out!17
Steve Laycock1Sidecar MotoX17
Brenda Appleyard1glen etive17
Anna Warrington1Taking a break16
Brian Dicks1Stil life16
Graham Argent1Pippi Longstockings16
Howard Bagshaw1Nature is winning16
Judi Dicks1autumn glory16
Ken Hulse1Pensioners Voice16
Norman Raine1leek, flowering16
Steve Banner1thirteen16
Steve Banner1Trunk call16
Colour Pdi Round 1 2022-23
1 November 2022JudgeRalph Duckett
Dawn Banner2Centenary Square18
Pete Jones2Up and Over18
Alan Lovatt2Crosby beach17
Christine Lovatt2window ledge17
Christine Lovatt2On my own17
Mark Fuller2A quiet drive17
Dawn Banner2Pink rose16
Helen Owen2Gateway to Anglesey16
Pete Jones2Monument Tunnel16
Alan Lovatt2The Baker15
Helen Owen2Calm at Llanddwyn15
Ian Cole2Drinker of the Wind15
Jane Jones2The fairy tale of dandelions15
Ian Cole2Sport of kings14
Jane Jones2Lost temple in Biddulph14
Mono Pdi Round 1 2022-23
1 November 2022JudgeRalph Duckett
Anna Warrington1Parallel Lives20
Howard Bagshaw1All this and only second20
Noel Bennet1James The Toadstool Man20
Norman Raine1sse hydro20
Tessa Bramall1Sea View20
Graham Argent1MotoX Trio19
Judi Dicks1flat irons19
Miles Caven1Mechanical appetite19
Noel Bennet1All Tied Up19
Steve Laycock1The Abbey19
Angie Tucker1Youre Late (1)18
Fred Pratt1The Seven Sisters18
Michelle Sanderson1Full Throttle18
Steve Banner1On the Breadline18
Steve Banner1The long and winding road18
Brenda Appleyard1angry sea18
Anna Warrington1The Sentinels17
Barry Greasley1Dunstanburgh Ruins17
Brian Dicks1Car mascot copy17
Dave Tucker1Lone tree Loch Awe17
Fred Pratt1Tuscan High Drama17
Howard Bagshaw1Mist and Hoar Frost17
Judi Dicks1uphill from the shops17
Ken Hulse1Perseus and the Head of Medusa17
Michelle Sanderson1Marys Shell17
Peter Owen1St Paul’s Reflection17
Angie Tucker1Ratcatcher16
Barry Greasley1Sunbathing at Shingle Street16
Brian Dicks1Littlehampton Beach16
Dave Tucker1Groynes at ebb flow16
Dennis Bates1A study in mono16
Graham Argent1Lord of the Manor16
John Phillips1Rock & Sky Stiperstones16
John Phillips1Roach End Barn16
Ken Hulse1Hollinsclough16
Norman Raine1leaf and reflection16
Tessa Bramall1Meols Parade16
Brenda Appleyard1having fun16
Mono Pdi Round 1 2022-23
1 November 2022Judge Ralph DuckettRalph Duckett
Christine Lovatt2Resting Place20
Pete Jones2In the Dust19
Pete Jones2XK140 at Rest17
Dawn Banner2Night fish16
Mark Fuller2Legend mono16
Dawn Banner2Church Lane15
Nature Pdi Round 1 2022-23
1 November 2022JudgeRalph Duckett
Anna Warrington1Tundra Bean Goose in snow20
Michelle Sanderson1Rusty Tussock Moth Caterpillar20
Tessa Bramall1Mud Flat Crabs20
Anna Warrington1Black Grouse fighting during Lek19
Brenda Appleyard1kingfisher19
Joe Banton1HERON (Ardea cinerea)18
Angie Tucker1Nursing Barbary Macques 117
Dave Tucker1Elephant warning17
Michelle Sanderson1Woozy Wasp17
Steve Laycock1Early Thorn Moth17
Tessa Bramall1Pair of Kingfishers17
Angie Tucker1Emperor Dragonfly Laying Eggs16
Howard Bagshaw1Kruger Hippopotamus16
Howard Bagshaw1Brown Pelican landing16
John Phillips1Californian Sea Lion16
John Phillips1Ankole Watusi16
Steve Banner1Turnstones(arenaria interpres)16
Steve Banner1Fallow Deer16
Nature Pdi Round 1 2022-23
1 November 2022JudgeRalph Duckett
Brian Evill2Cuckoo18
Brian Evill2Tawny Owl16
Dawn Banner2Rhino15
Dawn Banner2Meercat14
Mark Fuller2Crimsonfang16
Pete Jones2Target Locked16
Pete Jones2Early Bird13