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  • Tessa Bramall
    “I sort of became hooked on nature photography when a giraffe I was pointing my camera at turned around and looked at me and I took the picture and felt a connection.   Holidays with my children focused around nature and together we took many pictures of different birds, mammals and insects, learning and observing their characteristics and the environment in which they lived.  We joined the society many years ago and started entering competitions, readily accepting advice and guidance and we progressed after listening to many a talk and judges comments.  More recently I have… Read more: Tessa Bramall
  • Steve Laycock
    Up until 2014 I had not taken photography seriously only taking pictures of kids growing up and family. In 2014 I joined Stafford Photographic Society after being introduced to them by my daughter in law. I quickly realised that I was not very good and entering competitions was an eye opener to just how bad I was. I persevered and leant a great deal from other members who were always willing to help and advise. I quickly learnt that as an Engineer I was not very good at landscapes and arty type photography. My main interests… Read more: Steve Laycock
  • Peter Owen
    I have taken photographs since the age of 11 and joined Stafford Photographic Society following my retirement in 2018.  I enjoy all aspects of the Society and find it to be a friendly, inclusive and enjoyable outlet For my photography.  I am a member of the Society’s Committee and undertake the role of PDI coordinator. I enjoy the majority of photography genre’s and currently shoot with a Canon DSLR and a Leica compact camera. Below is a gallery containing a selection of my images.
  • Noel Bennett
    Past president 3 years. I was one of  ‘the young ones’  when I joined SPS back in 2005, that’s 17 years ago!! I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years and a lot of people come and go.  The society has helped my photography come alive and lift my aspirations to a whole new level.If you are as lucky as I was it could well turn your interest into a passion, and valued friendships will naturally follow. Main interests include landscape, creative, mono and portrait. Below is my gallery containing a selection of images.
  • Miles Caven
    Like many others of a certain age, I became interested in photography in my early teens. Not much pocket money ,so film developing and contact printing was my starting point. A home made enlarger was a huge step forward for me. The tales I could tell, but not here. Now much older, I am a committed Sony user, Sony A7c Body. With Sony FE 20mm G, Sony 50mm f 1.8, Sony FE 24-105 G f4 and Sony FE f5.6 – 6.3 200-600 G lenses. I have no formal qualifications and am entirely self taught using pc,… Read more: Miles Caven
  • Michelle Sanderson CPAGB
    I’ve been into photography for 6 years and is my main hobby. My favourite subjects to photograph are dogs, landscapes and macro. I take most of my pictures on my Huawei P40 pro mobile phone and use apps on my iPad to edit them. I currently own a Sony A77 DSLR and mainly use this for macro and some dog portraits. Recently I was given a CPAGB for Photographic Merit. Below in my gallery containing a selection of images.
  • Judi Dicks DPAGB APBE
    I joined Stafford Photographic Society in 2007 having taken voluntary redundancy from my job as Customer Service Manager at the Co-operative bank, looking for new challenge. I soon got hooked and started entering competitions, both internal and external, and took on the role of External Competitions Co-ordinator on behalf of the society. I have learnt so much from the society and it’s members, helping me to obtain an ARPS – Associate member of the Royal Photographic Society. A DPAG distinction award from the Photographic Alliance of great Britain and an Associate of the British Photographic Exhibitions… Read more: Judi Dicks DPAGB APBE
  • Jane Jones
    I started photography few years after when completed my studies at college. I’m a mobile photography and I started of with Huawei p8 by taking pictures on my holidays sure as beaches, landscapes and parts of UK where i love travel too. I brought my next Huawei called Psmart 2021 when I joined as member of Stafford photographic society in 2022 to gain more knowledge about photography and take part by entering into competitions with other members.  So far I enjoyed my time at this club, some of members helped me with tips that as help… Read more: Jane Jones
  • Howard Bagshaw ARPS MPAGB FIPF
    I started taking photographs as a teenager and joined SPS in 1990. I’ve been on the committee for much of that time, sometimes as Secretary or President, but mostly ‘dogsbody’. Though I enjoy most genres of photography, I have concentrated in the past 15 years on Audio Visual (AV). Through this interest, Carole and I have made many AV friends, and travelled, around the world, sometimes lecturing, sometimes judging international AV competitions. I am a PAGB AV judge and have been on distinction assessment panels for the PAGB and RPS. I was honoured to recently be… Read more: Howard Bagshaw ARPS MPAGB FIPF
  • Graham Argent DPAGB
    Photography has been a lifelong interest and proved to be a perfect counter-balance to a demanding working life as a Senior NHS Healthcare Executive. I started to take my photography more seriously around 2002, initially joining Stafford Camera Club as a ‘beginner’. Over successive seasons, I progressed into the Advanced section and gained the Credit Award of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain in 2009. I transferred to Stafford Photographic Society in 2018 to advance my photography and in April 2022, I gained a Distinction Award, from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Whilst I am… Read more: Graham Argent DPAGB
  • Derek Gair
    I was a teenager when I first got interested in taking photos and bought my first decent camera, a Zorki 4 in 1968 when I was 17. In my early 20’s I was asked to take wedding photos of a deaf & dumb couple who could not afford a professional. I was 30 when I went to live in Zimbabwe for a few years and took wedding photos for two work colleagues, one of those was traditional African wedding and a truly jaw dropping experience.  During almost all of the many years since I have been asked to take many weddings, birthdays, christenings, people and organisations… Read more: Derek Gair
  • Dennis Bates
    “I have been doing photography for six years now. This is my second season with Stafford PS. My main enjoyment is landscape photography, although I also do some sports photography I currently use a Nikon Z6ii full frame mirrorless camera and Z S line lenses.” Below is my gallery containing a selection of images.
  • Dave Tucker EFIAP/p, DPAGB, CPAGB, BPE3
    I enjoy helping others who want to improve their photographic skills. And, on that point, I firmly believe being a member of a good club helps improve your photographic ability and pleasure in seeing your images come to life. Personally, I still like to take part in photographic competitions from club level right up to international level and, I’m pleased to say, with some success, having gained my EFIAP/platinum, DPAGB, CPAGB and BPE3* distinctions. I am also a PAGB listed judge as well as being an MCPF recognised A-listed judge. On the camera front, I have recently ‘gone… Read more: Dave Tucker EFIAP/p, DPAGB, CPAGB, BPE3
  • Carole Bagshaw
    I joined SPS in the 1990s and have always enjoyed seeing other peoples’ photographs and Audio Visual programmes. Though I’ve given up taking photos now, I used to record our events and travels (pictures to show Grandma what we’d done and where we’d been – Howard just takes the ‘arty’ pictures). I particularly enjoy the social side of the society and our weekly visits to natter in the pub. I am grateful that our society continues to flourish, to be very sociable, and has not been a ‘covid casualty’ or become a ‘zoom only’ society.
  • Brian Poynton
    I joined the society as an occasional photographer but had limited artistic ability. I now have learned the technical part but still find the lack of artistic creativity a limitation, in seeing and composing images. My winter Saturdays are spent watching rugby and I have meny images but very few of merit. I enjoy the meetings and realise that you need to contribute to any organisation and took on the role of Webmaster. Currently I use an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk2 and enjoy the lighter weight of a 4/3 mirror less camera.
  • Brian Dicks DPAGB
    I have been a member of the Society since 2007, after taking early retirement from my job as a lecturer in Graphic Design. I have served on the committee for several years as PDI Competitions Coordinator, Vice President, President and currently External Competitions Coordinator.  I enjoy all aspects of photography, but specialise in none.  I currently use Olympus micro four thirds camera and lenses. Below is my gallery containing a selection of my higher scoring images.
  • Angie Tucker   EFIAP/g  DPAGB  BPE4
    My brother bought me my first camera when I was 7, but it turned out not to have any innards, so I didn’t get my first working camera until I had my first wages at 16. I dabbled a bit before we had a family but didn’t take up photography as a serious hobby until 2010, when I had my first acceptance in my first National camera competition. This spurred me one to improve my photography and earn some distinctions. My first camera was a Practica but I soon changed to Canon and have always been… Read more: Angie Tucker   EFIAP/g  DPAGB  BPE4
Images by Judith Tolley
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17 Ready-for-the-off-
Author: Judith Tolley
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