PDI results Round 2 22_23

Colour Pdi Round 2 2022-23
10/01/23JudgeJohn Haines
Graham Argent1Lost in thought20
Michelle Sanderson1Alfie20
Brenda Appleyard1still waters19
John Phillips1Ice Detail19
Michelle Sanderson1Testing the water19
Miles Caven1Edinburgh Bubbles19
Norman Raine1skipsea sunrise19
Peter Owen1The Picture19
Tessa Bramall1Dusk19
Barry Greasley1A Welcoming Sight18
Judi Dicks1watching from afar18
Peter Owen1Old Taps18
Angie Tucker1Snoozing At The Station17
Barry Greasley1Castle on the Headland17
Brenda Appleyard1red arrows17
Dave Tucker1Banjo Playing on the Porch17
John Phillips1Hen Cloud From The Roaches17
Noel Bennet1Newlands Gate17
Steve Banner1Winter this way17
Steve Banner1leaving Magpie mine17
Angie Tucker1Morning Mist Turf Fen Wind Pump16
Anna Warrington1The Breakaways coober Pedy16
Anna Warrington1Outback Survivor16
Brian Dicks1Flood in york16
Dave Tucker1Tongue out in front16
Dennis Bates1Going nowhere16
Fred Pratt1Frost flowers and leaves16
Fred Pratt1Enjoying a morning walk16
Graham Argent1En pointe16
Howard Bagshaw1Township friends16
Judi Dicks1driving in the driving rain16
Steve Laycock112316
Steve Laycock1Taking the inside line16
Tessa Bramall1First Hour Of Light16
Colour Pdi Round 2 2022-23
10/01/23JudgeJohn Haines
Mark Fuller2The Light Fantastic20
Dawn Banner2Talacre Lighthouse19
Mark Fuller2Firestarter19
Alan Lovatt2Shuker Serves18
Dawn Banner2Pewter jugs and cups18
Pete Jones2Day Dreaming18
Angie Miles2Last of the Poppy17
Helen Owen2Morning Frost16
Helen Owen2Sunset on West Shore16
Jane Jones2The Firepit Full of Joy16
Jane Jones2Light Bulb Trails16
Pete Jones2Cooling Down16
Angie Miles2Yellow15
John Pearson21 Frosty, sunny day at Wolseley15
John Pearson22 Sunset, Essex Bridge15
Mono Pdi Round 2 2022-23
10/01/23JudgeJohn Haines
Fred Pratt1The Aiguille Noir20
Michelle Sanderson1Snowshires20
Noel Bennet1Alliance20
Tessa Bramall1Surf Break20
Angie Tucker1Smoking Gun19
Dennis Bates1Rider 6219
Judi Dicks1the silk road19
Norman Raine11st earlys19
Norman Raine1the old pier19
Anna Warrington1Sydney Opera House Detail-118
Brian Dicks1The Brickworks Porth Wen18
Dennis Bates1Lean angle18
Fred Pratt1There be dragons here18
Graham Argent1Under the arches18
Howard Bagshaw1Lost in thought18
Michelle Sanderson1Seashell on a Seashore18
Noel Bennet1Long Shadow18
Peter Owen1Adams Plaza Bridge, Canary Wharf18
Peter Owen1Tulip Stairs, Queen’s House18
Tessa Bramall1Ocean Froth18
Barry Greasley1The Lighthouse on the Headland17
Brenda Appleyard1misty morning17
Brian Dicks1Shingle Street No217
Dave Tucker1Cheeky Chappy17
Dave Tucker1On the bridge17
Graham Argent1Angel and Lad17
Judi Dicks1exercising by the track17
Steve Banner1Old bottles17
Anna Warrington1A morning jog16
Barry Greasley1Shingle Street Cottages#216
Howard Bagshaw1Lesotho musicians16
Ken Hulse1Kettles and Moulds16
Ken Hulse1Rear View Mirror16
Steve Banner1Chilled view16
10/01/23JudgeJohn Haines
Pete Jones2The Museum17
Alan Lovatt2Wenlock Priory16
Dawn Banner2Chatsworth House16
John Pearson21 Bamburgh Castle as the night draws in16
John Pearson22 Black and White on the River Sow16
Pete Jones2Cabbies Rest Stop16
Dawn Banner2Norwegian hut15
Jane Jones2Empty15
Jane Jones2Sibling Lights15
Mark Fuller2The Gate15
Mark Fuller23’s a Crowd15
Angie Miles2Under the Pier14
Nature Pdi Round 2 2022-23
10/01/23JudgeJohn Haines
Noel Bennet1Nuthatch – Brocton Coppice20
Tessa Bramall1Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar20
Tessa Bramall1Brown Hare20
Howard Bagshaw1Male Giraffe protecting harem19
Michelle Sanderson1Shy Bird19
Michelle Sanderson1Owl in the hole19
Steve Laycock1Angle Shades Moth19
Brenda Appleyard1warbler18
Dave Tucker1Tawny Owl Strix aluco looking18
Ken Hulse1Golded -ringed Dragonfly18
Steve Banner1Female Blackbird18
Angie Tucker1Crocadile Approaching Egyptian Geese17
Anna Warrington1New Holland Honeyeater in the Rain17
Dave Tucker1Chacma Baboon Papio ursinus Africa17
John Phillips1Grisette Fungus17
Noel Bennet1Swan with Cygnets17
Angie Tucker1African Ringed Plover16
Anna Warrington1Forester Kangaroo sucking young16
Brenda Appleyard1patient hunter16
Howard Bagshaw1Ostrich, the only bird that urinates16
Ken Hulse1Shellduck ( Tadorna tandorna )16
Miles Caven1Indian Grey Langur Monkeys16
Peter Owen1Fungi16
Steve Banner1Shoveler Pair16
Steve Laycock1Red Crested Pochard16
Nature Pdi Round 2 2022-23
10/01/23JudgeJohn Haines
Brian Evill2Red Deer in Bracken19
Dawn Banner2Snowy Owl19
John Pearson21 Kingfisher19
Brian Evill2Male Sparrowhawk18
Joe Banton2CUCKOO (Cuculus canorus)18
Dawn Banner2Finland Pine17
Mark Fuller27 Springs17
Pete Jones2Dusty Bee17
Pete Jones2Nectar Hunter17
John Pearson22 Sunset heron and tern at Wolseley16
Mark Fuller2Shake it out!16
Jane Jones2Peacock Butterfly on the Bark15
Joe Banton2LONG-TAILED TIT (Aegithalos caudatus)15
Angie Miles2Wood Duck in Profile14