PDI Results 22_23 R4

Thanks to Dave Tucker for acting as Judge when Booked Judge failed to arrive.

Colour Pdi Round 4 2022-23
21/03/23JudgeDave Tucker
Judi Dicks11white dahlia19
Fred Pratt12Tuscany Textures19
Michelle Sanderson12Seven Sleepy Heads19
Angie Tucker11Heavenly Scent18
Anna Warrington11Frosty Sunrise18
Dawn Banner11Orchid18
Graham Argent11Art Deco Fan Dancer18
Steve Banner11Spring valley18
Tony Skidmore11Shifting Sands18
Angie Tucker12Shush18
Anna Warrington12Aurora Reflections with light pollution18
Barry Greasley12A Windy day at the Beach#218
Dennis Bates12Frosty sunrise18
Graham Argent12Highland glory18
Steve Banner12Italy18
Tessa Bramall12Afterglow18
Brenda Appleyard11church17
Brian Dicks11The Upside down house17
Dennis Bates11Foo dogs17
Fred Pratt11The Glowing Mountain17
Tessa Bramall11St Mary’s Island17
Brenda Appleyard12autumn on the chase17
Ken Hulse12First Crocus17
Miles Caven12MK356 @ 79 years and still flying with BBMF17
Noel Bennett12Seen Better Days17
Peter Owen12Drinking Water of Absolute Purity17
Steve Laycock12Touchdown17
Barry Greasley11The Arches of Monaco16
Howard Bagshaw11Klein Karoo at Dawn16
Ken Hulse11Autumn Colours16
Michelle Sanderson11Still Harbour16
Miles Caven11Quiet waters16
Noel Bennett11Icy Jetty16
Norman Raine11buttercups and cow parsley16
Steve Laycock11Early Morning Light, Milford Sound16
Howard Bagshaw12Support Team16
Colour Pdi Round 4 2022-23
21/03/23JudgeDave Tucker
Andy Stone21Misty Morning20
John Pearson21Foggy Day on the River Trent20
John Pearson22Frosty Day20
Andy Stone22Trent Frost19
Pete Jones21JUMP17
Dawn Banner22Barely a ripple16
Helen Owen22Path to My Happy Place16
Jane Jones22Teatime16
Pete Jones22SPEED16
Helen Owen21Lighthouse at Penmon15
Mark Fuller21Splitting the pack15
Mark Fuller22Unleash the beast15
Jane Jones21Brian Clough OBE14
Mono Pdi Round 4 2022-23
21/03/23JudgeDave Tucker
Brenda Appleyard11track across field20
Angie Tucker11Remembering19
Michelle Sanderson11Still Standing19
Steve Banner11Wilderness19
Angie Tucker12Fireside Seat19
Fred Pratt11Oaks in the Mist18
Graham Argent11Egyptian Princess18
Howard Bagshaw11There Used to be a Diamond Mine Here18
Tessa Bramall11Surfing The Net18
Brenda Appleyard12blossom18
Fred Pratt12The Light breaks in18
Howard Bagshaw12Rail Phone and Train to Nowhere18
Norman Raine12Mersey gateway18
Steve Laycock12Wrecks18
Dennis Bates11Silent study17
Norman Raine11Ebb tide, Formby17
Steve Laycock1197 Conering17
Graham Argent12Standing guard17
Judi Dicks12strolling in the cloisters17
Ken Hulse12Winter on the Roaches17
Peter Owen12Storm Clouds Breaking17
Tessa Bramall12Strictly No Access In High Winds17
Anna Warrington11Alone16
Barry Greasley11Strolling Winter’s Wonderland16
Noel Bennett11Eney Meeny Miny Moe16
Peter Owen11Patience16
Anna Warrington12Selfie Time16
Barry Greasley12The Pier Sketch#216
Brian Dicks12in conversation16
Dennis Bates12You won’t get past me16
Michelle Sanderson12Can’t See The Wood For The Trees16
Miles Caven12Mind your head16
Mono Pdi Round 4 2022-23
21/03/23JudgeDave Tucker
Andy Stone21Seascale20
Dawn Banner22Baker Street18
Mark Fuller22Jags18
Andy Stone22Skenkrith17
Pete Jones21Head to Head16
Pete Jones22January in Central Park16
Dawn Banner21Leader of the Pack15
Jane Jones21The Canal Side15
Mark Fuller21Evening with the vampire15
John Pearson21A Day at the Auction14
Jane Jones22Wyatt14
Nature Pdi Round 4 2022-23
21/03/23JudgeDave Tucker
Dennis Bates11Tawny owl Strix aluco20
Steve Banner11Pied Wagtail20
Steve Laycock11Wren20
Steve Banner12‘Best friends’ Ferruginous Duck & Ringed Teal20
Brenda Appleyard11little owl19
Michelle Sanderson11On the Hunt19
Noel Bennett11Mute Swans Courting19
Tessa Bramall11Dipper Calling In The Rain19
Anna Warrington12Eagle Scattering Gulls at Dawn19
Michelle Sanderson12Silver Studded Blues Mating19
Tessa Bramall12Large Red Damselfly19
Steve Laycock12Grasshopper18
Angie Tucker11African Elephant and Calf Feeding17
Howard Bagshaw11Little Corellas – (Cacatua sanguinea)17
Ken Hulse11Female Mallard Drying Off17
Angie Tucker12Female Giraffe With Calf17
Brenda Appleyard12open wide17
Dennis Bates12Dunnock Prunella Modularis17
Ken Hulse12Painted Lady ( Vanessa cardui )17
Noel Bennett12Solitude16
Nature Pdi Round 4 2022-23
21/03/23JudgeDave Tucker
Mark Fuller21Kingfisher with lunch19
John Pearson22Peregrine19
Pete Jones22COUP DE GRAS19
Andy Stone22Ruffled Feathers18
Jane Jones22The Hungry Caterpillar18
John Pearson21Goosander Fish Eating Duck17
Pete Jones21TAKEOFF17
Jane Jones21Waterdrops on Red Daisy16
Dawn Banner22Camel16
Mark Fuller22The intruder16
Dawn Banner21Wallaby15
Andy Stone21Red Veined Dragonfly14