22_23 Annual Competition PDI Results

Results PDI


Angie Tucker1Walking The Dog20
Brian Dicks1Upside down house No 220
Dennis Bates1Nature strikes back20
John Phillips1Buttermere Pines20
Norman Raine1spring blossom20
Barry Greasley1A Welcoming Sight19
Dave Tucker1Nursey is watching you19
Howard Bagshaw1Cambodian craftsman19
Judi Dicks1brixham habour19
Judi Dicks1bellis19
Michelle Sanderson1Seven Sleepy Heads19
Steve Banner1mountain life19
Tessa Bramall1Lifeboat Returns19
Angie Tucker1Sea Holly18
Graham Argent1Proud18
John Phillips1Ice Detail18
Michelle Sanderson1Testing the water18
Noel Bennet1Iris Parade18
Peter Owen1The Picture18
Tony Skidmore1pebbles jpg18
Barry Greasley1A Windy day at the Beach#217
Dave Tucker1Resting Rancher17
Graham Argent1Preparing for Battle17
Howard Bagshaw1Ornsay Lighthouse – Skye17
Ken Hulse1Pushing through the dust17
Brian Dicks1Three pink daisies16
Dennis Bates1Frosty sunrise16
Ken Hulse1Pensioners Voice16
Noel Bennet1Dawn Over Bournemouth Beach16
Norman Raine1luskentyre blue16
Steve Banner1thirteen16
Tessa Bramall1Twilight Path16
Jane JonesAbstract lightbulb202
Angie Miles70’s Vibe182
Dawn BannerCentenary Square182
Pete JonesSir Nigel182
Angie MilesStorm over Salford172
Pete JonesHappy172
Andy StoneMisty Morning162
Jane JonesThree Dandelions162
John PearsonRiver Trent162
Mark Fulleroffice shot162
Andy StoneExmouth Evening152
Dawn BannerTalacre Lighthouse152
Helen OwenFootprints in the sand152
Helen OwenCalm at Llanddwyn152
John PearsonFrosty Day on Trent152
Mark FullerMean Green152


Barry Greasley1About to Board the Street Car#220
Dave Tucker1Supplication20
Michelle Sanderson1Ice Cold Morning20
Norman Raine1The Glass Ceiling20
Tony Skidmore1shifting sands20
Angie Tucker1Bursting Through19
Barry Greasley1Strolling Winter’s Wonderland19
Brian Dicks1coming and going19
Howard Bagshaw1All this and only second19
Judi Dicks1the refueling station19
Norman Raine1high lows copse19
Peter Owen1Adams Plaza Bridge, Canary Wharf19
Steve Laycock1The Abbey19
Graham Argent1Her last breath18
Howard Bagshaw1Lost in thought18
Michelle Sanderson1Seashell on a Seashore18
Peter Owen1Tulip Stairs, Queen’s House18
Angie Tucker1Fire Side Seat17
Brian Dicks1Travelling in style17
Ken Hulse1Winter on the Roaches17
Dennis Bates1Silent study16
Dennis Bates1Lean angle16
Noel Bennet1Toadstool Man 2016
Noel Bennet1All Tied Up16
Steve Banner1Wilderness16
Steve Banner1The Newsreader16
Dawn Banner2The Peleton18
Mark Fuller2Shipping line18
Pete Jones2Shower18
Angie Miles2Praying17
John Pearson2Essex Bridge17
Pete Jones2Creeper17
Andy Stone2The Roaches15
Angie Miles2Old but still functional15
Dawn Banner2Into the sea15
Jane Jones2The Canalside15
Andy Stone2Seascale14
Jane Jones2The Sibling Lights14
Mark Fuller2The fins return14


Dave Tucker1Nesting Shag20
John Phillips1Pochard Male20
Steve Banner1Turnstones20
Dennis Bates1Tawny owl Strix aluco19
Michelle Sanderson1Rusty Tussock Moth Caterpillar19
Michelle Sanderson1Woozy Wasp19
Steve Banner1‘Best friends’ Ferruginous Duck & Ringed Teal19
Steve Laycock1Wren19
Tessa Bramall1Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar19
Tessa Bramall1Dipper Calling In The Rain19
Howard Bagshaw1Sparing Impalas18
John Phillips1Female Fallow Dear18
Noel Bennet1Nuthatch at Brocton Coppice18
Noel Bennet1Mute Swans Courting18
Steve Laycock1Angle Shades Moth18
Howard Bagshaw1Male Giraffe protecting harem17
Ken Hulse1Female Mallard Drying Off17
Angie Tucker1Juvenile Bald Eagle In Flight16
Angie Tucker1The Longest Priaire Dog16
Dave Tucker1Tawny Owl Strix aluco looking16
Ken Hulse1Bottoms Up16
Peter Owen1Fungi16
Mark Fuller2What am I missing18
Pete Jones2Building Inspector18
Angie Miles2Buried in his work!17
Pete Jones2Clear the runway17
Andy Stone2Ruffled Feathers16
Dawn Banner2Snowy Owl16
Dawn Banner2Black rhino16
John Pearson2Jenny Wren16
John Pearson2Great Grey Owl16
Angie Miles2Rusty Tussuck Moth Caterpillar15
Andy Stone2Red Veined Dragonfly14
Jane Jones2Greylag goose family14
Mark Fuller2The majestic hunter14