22_23 Annual Competition Print Results

Results Print


Angie TuckerGrumpy Landlord201
Graham ArgentA Good Air Day201
John PhillipsIn The Air201
Judi DicksCommunications201
Ken HulseNatasha201
Michelle SandersonMorning Has Broken201
Noel BennettFirst Light On Mellbreak201
Norman RaineButtercups And Parsley201
Peter OwenAnother Day In The Office201
Angie TuckerPainting In Progress201
Brian DicksPenarth Pier201
John PhillipsMilky Way Over Buttermere201
Judi DicksHigh Tide At Southwold201
Norman RaineReflections In The Rain201
Brian DicksCollecting Daises191
Dave TuckerDavy Lamp191
Tessa BramallTidal Pool Fisherman191
Noel BennettGone For A … Surf191
Tessa BramallListen To The Bell191
Steve BannerThe Climber181
Graham ArgentBattle Weary181
Steve BannerRural Italy181
Dave TuckerEnd Of Season171
Dennis BatesRest Awhile171
Howard BagshawKelpies At Dusk171
Ken HulsePressure From Behind171
Steve LaycockIn Front For Now171
Dennis BatesLeading Pack161
Steve LaycockHigh Jump161
John PearsonBathing House Northumberland172
Dawn BannerThe old French Bike162
Dawn BannerLook Up152
John PearsonSunset At Wolseley152


Ken HulseContemplation201
Norman RaineBindweed Morning Glory201
Tessa BramallSea Flood201
Angie TuckerPrinter201
Judi DicksLove Unfurling201
Norman RaineSSE Hydro201
Howard BagshawTibetan Knitter191
Brian DicksFriends At The Fair191
Howard BagshawAnother Welsh Summer191
Ken HulseCompleting The Pass191
Graham ArgentI’ve Been Waiting For You181
Judi DicksFashion Victim No 2181
Dennis BatesCity Skyline181
Graham ArgentMaximum Effort181
Steve BannerContours181
Brian DicksThe Allen Lambert Galleria171
Dave TuckerVelcome To Colditz171
Dave TuckerHoly Island Boat Shed171
Dennis BatesIndustrial Decline161
Steve LaycockTaking The Corner161
Tessa BramallTransient Light161
Dawn BannerNew York Skyline152
Dawn BannerTo The Ends Of The Earth152


Ken HulseFemale Ringlet201
Tessa BramallOrange Tip On Forget-Me-Not201
Ken HulseYoung Stag201
Angie TuckerYellow Billed Hornbill191
Dave TuckerRed Grouse On Morland191
Steve BannerRosey Billed Pochard191
John PhillipsFallow Dear Female181
Steve BannerFriends181
Tessa BramallHouse Sparrows181
Steve LaycockHoopoe171
Steve LaycockFlesh Fly171
Angie TuckerSuckling Barbary Macaque161
Dawn BannerGrey Lag Goose202
John PearsonPeregrine Falcon202
John PearsonGray Wagtail172
Dawn BannerRed Shank152

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