Sinkinson Challenge Trophy Class 1 Colour Print

In 1924 Bernard Sinkinson began giving lectures.  Bernard was President of the society six times as well as President of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) in the 1950’s. He gained a Fellowship of the RPS – FRPS a qualification for his photographic achievement.

Our second oldest trophy is the Sinkinson Challenge Trophy was awarded for “the highest number of points for monochrome slides entered in monthly competitions” or as it says engraved on the trophy “For Perpetual Competition in Lantern Slide Making, 1934”. 

Later, from the early 1970’s the trophy was awarded for class 1 colour prints and has had four layers added for the winners names over the years.  It was first awarded in 1935 to J D Jones when Bernard Sinkinson was President.  Sinkinson was Vice President in 1930 and then five years as President.

J D Jones later won the trophy eleven times, and all three trophies, the Richardson, Sinkinson and Diamond Jubilee Trophy in 1955.  S D Barnwell won the trophy seven times from 1936 and in later years.