Heritage day Abbots Bromley 21/8/21

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Subject: Heritage Photography Day – 21st August – Abbots Bromley
Date: 2021-07-15 02:47
From: Lee Chapman <chappersphotography@yahoo.com>

Hi, I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I am a local
semi-professional photographer and college lecturer and I offer several
photography workshops, courses and photoshoots throughout the year. I
will be hosting a Heritage Photography Day on Saturday August 21st in
Abbots Bromley, Staffs and I wondered if you would mind sharing the
details of this event with your members?

We have an incredible line-up of models, reenactors and vehicles and it
will be a great chance to work on several styles of photography
including up-close portraits and some larger historic set-pieces. We
will also have a full stunt-horse-riding show and live firing of canons,
muskets and a medieval hand-gun. The full details are below.

Tickets to the event are £65 but I am offering a group booking discount
to your camera club members;

To book the event directly members can click on this paypal link
(https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/chappersphotography) to make payment
– you will need to type in the amount to pay and also enter
‘heritage day – camera club’  in the comments to access the
discount.  Attentively, you can email me at
chappersphotography@yahoo.com to arrange an alternative payment method.


Heritage photography Day, Saturday, August 21st at 11 AM, Abbots
Bromley, Staffs – £65

We will be recreating some iconic scenes from history with everything
from ancient Rome to the 1960s lined up for an action-packed day of
photography. You can expect several models & reenactors, who will be
setting up their heritage scenes from calm every day home/camp settings
to more explosive demonstrations of battles and war. We will even have
several horses and dogs onsite also re-enacting history!

Confirmed so far we have;

Several re-enactment groups and living history displays including;
-Stunt Horse riding display
–  Great War ‘Warhorse’ scenes with equine tricks and WW1 reenactors
– First World War reenactors & replica Trench dug out onsite!
– Second World War reenactors
–  Georgians in their stunning red coats
– Peaky Blinders
– 15th Century Knights
–  Civil War displays
–  Live firing of canons and muskets
–  Vintage vehicles

–      A 1967 Snow-trac

–      1960s Mods with Vintage Scooters

–        Romans

–       background sets, props and more!


Stafford Photographic Society