Noel’s winner in RPS Monthly Competition

The Royal Photographic Society is running monthly competitions throughout the year and this months winner is our own member Noel Bennett with his image of his Labradoodle Bella called
“Its a Goal”

Noel’s description of the the image,

Bella in full flight during morning exercise.
Maybe not an image for club competition but not all submissions follow the same rules.
• Main subject only slightly off centre.
• Aches of negative space.
• Main subject too small in the frame etc
. . . but maybe sometimes it’s more about the feeling an image portrays?

Bella has always provided an endless wealth of portrait and action photography.
At 5 years old my Labradoodle can still out run most of the dogs she meets. This shot was taken at 08:30 in Westbridge Park, Stone, Staff’s, with a good coating of frost to help keep her cool. She loves running between the goal posts, or maybe I’m just good at throwing the ball?

I shot the image from the bottom of a bank, looking up into the sky helping minimise distractions. I could have zoomed in but thought the space and full goal important for punch and composition. After several rehearsals I was ready with camera on single-point centre focus, at 2000th/sec shutter, f/2.8 shallow DoField, auto ISO choosing a value of 200.

Bella came 3rd in Dog Photographer of the Year and normally has floppy ears