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Images scoring 16 or more in Society Competitions were added to a members gallery. This has been changed to limit size of gallery only top 5 images and equal (eg if 5th image scores 18 all images scoring 18 will be included) for each class 1&2. In addition for each competition, where a member has not had an image added to Gallery 1 image, score 16+ Class 1 or 14+ Class 2, will added to their gallery.

If members want other images added please email to [email protected] in same format as for club competitions. Email with details if you wish images to be deleted. the number of additional images will be limited because of a desire for quality not quantity.

At the end of the third annual session the oldest years entries will be deleted, such that as minimum two years entries are shown.

Members wishing to be included on web in the enhanced format as above please submit bio, image of self and 1-3 favorite images, to Webmaster