PDI 21_22 Round 2 Results


Stafford Photographic Society
Class 1 PDI Colour 21-22 Round 2
11/01/22Judge Carol McNiven Young FRPS
Fred PrattSerenity20
Tessa BramallVitken Rockpool20
Steve Banner Winter Dawn19
Tony Skidmore autumn leaves are falling19
Barry Greasley Bosum Pals18
Barry Greasley The Pier Sketch18
Emma Setterfield Fun on the Beach18Class 2
Fred PrattAutumn Leaves in Winters Garb18
Tessa BramallIn Height Order18
Tony Skidmore river in spate jpg18
Brian Dicks Walking the dog17
David Stubbs Concrete and Steel17
David Stubbs Days Gone by17
Dennis Bates Colours in the mist17
Dennis Bates Woodland stream in Autumn17
Graham Argent Snow Queen17
Judi Dicks Waiting for the waves17
Michelle Anderson Flower detail17Class 2
Norman Raine autumn hedge, turning17
Steve Banner Autumn harvest17
Anna Warrington Why%16
Ken Hulse The Bombmakers Pitch16
Michelle Anderson Poppy16Class 2
Miles Caven Exhibition Space16Class 2
Noel Bennett Iron Curtain16
Norman Raine lily pads and reflections16
Steve Laycock Out of the corner16
Stafford Photographic Society
Class 1 PDI Mono21-22 Round 2
11/01/22Judge Carol McNiven Young FRPS
Graham Argent Sheltering20
Steve Banner Dots & dashes20
David Stubbs Light on the stairs19
Tony Skidmore young changpa nomad jpg19
Barry Greasley Fuchsia#218
Dennis Bates Feeling the pain18
Graham Argent Marie at the Mill18
Ken Hulse Thorpe Cloud Peak District18
Michelle Anderson Number 380218Class 2
Norman Raine seaside industry18
Tessa BramallHere I Stand18
Tony Skidmore exmoor ponies18
Anna Warrington Becalmed17
Barry Greasley Florence Pastiche #217
Fred PrattEmerging out of the mist17
Fred PrattMystical Wood17
Ken Hulse Back of the Roaches17
Noel Bennett Gone Fishing17
Norman Raine to go or not to go17
Anna Warrington snowdrop study16
Brian Dicks Tulip16
Miles Caven Durham Cathederal16Class 2
Steve Laycock Salt and Pepper16
Steve Laycock Sidecar Moto X 216
Tessa Bramall Mono About To Get Stranded16
Stafford Photographic Society
Class 1 PDI Nature 21-22 Round 2
11/01/22Judge Carol McNiven Young FRPS
Steve Banner Nuthatch20
Steve Laycock Twig Parachute Fungi (Marasmiellus ramealis)20
Steve Banner Blue Tit19
Steve Laycock Small Heath (Coenonympha pamphilus) on Bell Heather19
Anna Warrington European Bison in frosty meadow18
Brian Dicks Soldier Beetles18
Tessa Bramall Brown Hare Stretching18
Joe Banton HOME SWEET HOME18Class2
Joe Banton AGAINST ALL ODDS  NIGHTJAR (Caprimulgus europaeus)17Class2
Noel Bennett Treecreeper Collecting Nest Materials17
Anna Warrington sparrowhawk ready for take-off17
Brian Dicks Jackdaw17
Noel Bennett Alfa Stag on Patrol17
Tessa Bramall Female Silver-Studded Blue On Grass Leaf17
Emma Setterfield Hummingbird in the Cloud Forest16Class2
Michelle Anderson Iberian Wolf16Class2