Print Mono & Nature 21_22 Round 1

Stafford Photographic Society
Mono PrintRound 1 2021-22Class 1Nature PrintRound 1 2021-22Class 1
Held on23/11/21JudgeSteve Clifford
Tessa BramallLifeboat jetty20John PhillipsA Silver studded blue (female)20
Norman RaineBuilding no.3 Mann island19Anna WarringtonDalmation Pelicon at rest19
Brian DicksPassing the day19Howard BagshawGoose barnacles on driftwood (lepus anatifera)18
Howard BagshawPassing storm18Tessa BramallMullcin moth caterpillar18
Judi DicksThe photographers photograph18Steve BannerBrown Hare17
Norman RaineThe road18Anna WarringtonRed kite in flight17
Noel BennettForgotten access17Howard BagshawCape Gannet at Lambert’s Bay (modus capensis)16
Ken HulsePassing on the outside17Steve BannerMagpie (pica pica)16
Steve BannerWinters morning17John PhillipsNursery web spider with egg sack16
Howard BagshawFrosted canal16Stephen LaycockSilver Studded blues in cop (plebetus argus)16
David DeavesMohammed16
Ken HulseMr Churchill (stand- in)16
Judi DicksOisea beach huts16
Noel BennettOne carefully owner16
Stephen LaycockSidecar motocross16
Brian DicksThe brothers16
Stephen LaycockThe church yard16
Tessa BramallTide line16
Stafford Photographic Society
Mono PrintRound 1 2021-22Class 2Nature PrintClass 2
Held on23/11/21JudgeSteve Clifford
Judith TolleyWatching16Brian EvillConfrontation15
Dennis BatesLight at the end of15Judith TolleyBullrushes14
Judith TolleyThe lantern15