The Society uses zoom for online meetings whilst members are unable to attend meetings due to lockdown or shielding. The zoom application can be loaded for free by visiting the zoom site.

To use zoom from a PC, Tablet or phone its essential to have a speaker and preferable to have a microphone and camera. Generally no problem with a tablet or phone not always with a desktop. With sound and vision you can watch meeting but not join in. You presence will be known.

To join a meeting load application and select join, you will be asked for ID and password, circulated by email before meeting. It is a simple as that.

If you want to try in a smaller one on one environment, simply contact the Webmaster (webmaster@staffordphotosociety.org.uk) or any other member and arrange a simple trial, it will give you confidence.

You may have read about security concerns about using Zoom. The article below discusses this in technical terms. Simply put the concerns relate to the potential use of the content, which for SPS meetings is not of any value in the international area.