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Join this friendly club and let us help make your photographs come to life, new photographers to advanced workers welcome and aspire to equal or better the images below. You can see more of our members images in the competition galleries or in the member portfolios.

You can find out about joining Stafford Photographic Society or contact us. If you would like to join as a guest email and request details.

  • Still Life Practical Evening

    Images from Tuesday’s 12/10 Still life Evening

    Still Life Evening
  • Light Painting

    Our 28/9 meeting was a demonstration and members practical of Light Painting with Anthony Johnson.

    by members

    It was very sucessful and members enjoyed what for many was a a different facet of photography and finished late because of members enthuiasm to participate.

    Below are images of the evening, members and their results, many overcoming the difficulty imposed due to the external lights.

    Light Painting

    Click on image to go to full size. Click on right arrow for slideshow

  • 2021 Opening Meetings

    Opening Meetings

    On 14th we had Les Forrester who gave a remote presentation which was very sucessful allowing us to begin to undestand his way of making Architectural Images become art. Attendance was as good as some pre-covid meetings and shows that we can attract more distant speakers to mix with speakers attending.

    On 7th September we held our first face to face meeting for some time, the space available in our vevue at New Beacon allowed resonable spacing if desired. The meetings was our new President Tony Skidmore’s evening when he, Steve Banner, Noel Bennett and Graham Argent gave short presentations deliberately avoiding the use of competition type images.

    2021 First Meeting

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