Angie Tucker   EFIAP/g  DPAGB  BPE4

My brother bought me my first camera when I was 7, but it turned out not to have any innards, so I didn’t get my first working camera until I had my first wages at 16. I dabbled a bit before we had a family but didn’t take up photography as a serious hobby until 2010, when I had my first acceptance in my first National camera competition. This spurred me one to improve my photography and earn some distinctions. My first camera was a Practica but I soon changed to Canon and have always been happy with my choice. I recently changed all my equipment to mirrorless due to the lighter weight, ease of use and exceptional autofocus, I am now the proud owner of a Canon R5 and R6 as well as a good range of RF (mirrorless) lenses which include telephoto, wide angle, and macro. I love all aspects of photography, including macro and still life, and love entering all levels of competitions as I believe it gives you an incentive to improve your photography. I know I try harder if I have competitions to enter.

Below is my gallery containing a selection of images.

18 Tawny-Owl
19 Bursting-Through
19 Fireside-Seat
19 Washday
20 -Juvinile-Chacma-Baboon
20 Grumpy-Landlord
20 Juvenile-Bald-Eagle-In-Flight
20 Painting-In-Progress
20 Printer
20 The-Longest-Prairie-Dog-In-The-World
20 Yellow-Billed-Hornbill