Steve Laycock

Up until 2014 I had not taken photography seriously only taking pictures of kids growing up and family.

In 2014 I joined Stafford Photographic Society after being introduced to them by my daughter in law. I quickly realised that I was not very good and entering competitions was an eye opener to just how bad I was.

I persevered and leant a great deal from other members who were always willing to help and advise.

I quickly learnt that as an Engineer I was not very good at landscapes and arty type photography.

My main interests are Wildlife, Nature, Macro and sport and I am still learning.

If I have problems with anything a great source of information is YouTube which I regularly use.

When I joined Stafford Photographic Society I joined in Class 2 for beginners and Intermediates.

I have been in class 1 for 2 seasons now and believe my photography is much improved on when I first started in 2014 and this is down to the help and encouragement of the members.

I currently use the OM Systems OM1 with a selection of Olympus lenses.

Below is my Gallery of Best Images

17 Hoopoe
18 Samir-Farqun
18.63 Parachute-Fungi
19 Silver Studded Blue with early morning dew
19 Silver-Studded-Blues
19 Small-Heath-Coenonympha-pamphilus-on-Bell-Heather
19 Taking the Corner
19 Twig-Parachute-Fungi-Marasmiellus-ramealis
20 Flesh-Fly