Sony User

  • Michelle Sanderson CPAGB

    I’ve been into photography for 6 years and is my main hobby. My favourite subjects to photograph are dogs, landscapes and macro. I take most of my pictures on my Huawei P40 pro mobile phone and use apps on my iPad to edit them. I currently own a Sony A77 DSLR and mainly use this for macro and some dog portraits. Recently I was given a CPAGB for Photographic Merit.

    Below in my gallery containing a selection of images.

    19 Seven-Sleepy-Heads
    19 Still-Standing
    20 A-Cold-Winters-Morning
    20 Ice-Cold-Morning
    20 In-The-Presence-Of-Beauty
    20 Morning has Broken
    20 Morning-has-broken
  • Miles Caven

    Like many others of a certain age, I became interested in photography in my early teens.

    Not much pocket money ,so film developing and contact printing was my starting point. A home made enlarger was a huge step forward for me. The tales I could tell, but not here.

    Now much older, I am a committed Sony user, Sony A7c Body.

    With Sony FE 20mm G, Sony 50mm f 1.8, Sony FE 24-105 G f4 and Sony FE f5.6 – 6.3 200-600 G lenses.

    I have no formal qualifications and am entirely self taught using pc, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC . For printing I use a Canon 9000 Pro A3+ plus printer.

    My subject range is general, with no specialist genre.

     A member of SPS for a good number of years and still enjoying photography.

    Below is my gallery containing a selection of images.

    16 Lladwyn-Island-Anglesey
    16 The-Hokey-Kokey
    16.7 Bernina-Express-Switzerland
    16.7 Sunset-at-Conway-Estuary
    16.7 Sydney-Skyline
    16.8 Just-Me-and-the-Sea
    19 Adams-Plaza-Bridge-Canary-Wharf
    19 Deer-Calke-Abbey
    20 Another-Day-in-the-Office
    16 Lladwyn-Island-Anglesey