PDI Results Round 1 23_24

Round 1 Colour
Judge :John HainesDate :31/10/2023
Tessa Bramall1Looking Up20
Les Wiggin1Middle Earth20
Michelle Sanderson1Ready to play20
Tessa Bramall1A Break In The Clouds20
Dave Tucker1He’s Behind You19
Noel Bennet1Clearing Sky19
Angie Miles1Golden19
Judi Dicks1Storm light New Brighton19
Stuart Crump1Dawn, The Cobb19
Fred Pratt1The Nordic noir detective18
Michelle Sanderson1Happy but sad18
Steve Banner1First light on the mountains18
Wendy Irwin1Humphrey reads a map18
Brenda Appleyard1autumn glory18
Dave Tucker1Man in the Morning Mist18
Noel Bennet1The Creative Digital Darkroom18
Pete Jones2Endurance Run18
Angie Miles1On the Lookout17
John Phillips1Heather Sunrise17
Ken Hulse1Battling through the Turn17
Miles Caven1Tumbling Waters17
Steve Laycock1Yegeun Ji Lifting17
Angie Tucker1Granny Knows Best17
Anna Warrington1A Morning Constitutional17
Fred Pratt1The lady in red17
John Phillips1High Rig From Below Castle Rig17
Steve Laycock1Early Morning Milford Sound17
Mark Fuller2riders on the storm17
Pete Jones2Clun Castle17
Clare Davies2one man and his dog17
Mark Fuller2split17
Paul Sutton2Leaping the flames17
Anna Warrington1Leaving Sycamore Gap16
Barry Greasley1Deep in Thought16
Brian Dicks1Wray Castle Ceiing16
Stuart Crump1Mine Reflections16
Barry Greasley1Performing in Step16
Judith Tolley1wind farm16
Ken Hulse1Several Recruits Failed to Fire16
Steve Banner1Two roads16
Tony Skidmore1Dunes in shadows16
Wendy Irwin1waterfall16
Jane Jones2Reflection in Centenary Square16
Paul Sutton1Calling the lost boys16
Round 1 Mono
Judge :John HainesDate :31/10/2023
Fred Pratt1Tuscan infinity mist20
Les Wiggin1One of the Few20
Steve Banner1Stripes20
Les Wiggin1Oh you are a mucky kid20
Fred Pratt1Striking a pose19
Judi Dicks1stepping out19
Steve Banner1Winters Breath19
Tony Skidmore1icelandic storm19
Barry Greasley1Walking the Abbey Grounds19
Michelle Sanderson1Dusty and Dirty19
Stuart Crump1Mother & Child19
Paul Sutton1Chequered past19
Brenda Appleyard1bullring18
Dave Tucker1The Hat18
John Phillips1Shugborough Symmetry18
Stuart Crump1Zebra18
Angie Tucker1Lady And The Tramp18
Brenda Appleyard1passing cloud18
Brian Dicks1Underground Naples18
Dave Tucker1The Lost tree18
John Phillips1Woolley Church18
Judi Dicks1the decisive moment18
Wendy Irwin1Norwegian church18
Anna Warrington1Inside Sydney Opera House17
Barry Greasley1When I’m Cleaning Windows17
Brian Dicks1MOMA Le Havre17
Dawn Banner1The Jetty17
Judith Tolley1moon17
Michelle Sanderson1Burnt out17
Tessa Bramall1Conversation17
Wendy Irwin1le volcan17
Anna Warrington1Leeds United Street Art17
Tessa Bramall1Big Window!17
Jane Jones2The Witch with Broomstick17
Paul Sutton1Murphys bar17
Pete Jones2Millenium Point17
Angie Tucker1Behave Mother Is Watching16
Ken Hulse1Close Encounter16
Dawn Banner1Round and Round16
Judith Tolley1Wow16
Noel Bennet1Dawn Harbour16
Steve Laycock1Water Mill. Lower Slaughter16
Clare Davies2Spikey Chesnuts16
Mark Fuller2seven and six16
Pete Jones2Cheeky Girl16
Round 1 Nature
Judge :John HainesDate :31/10/2023
John Phillips1Dead Mans Fingers20
Steve Banner1Stonechat (female)20
Dawn Banner2Humming Bird Moth20
Les Wiggin1Incoming20
Paul Sutton1Scorpion Fly on fern20
Anna Warrington1Hare on alert19
Ken Hulse1Female Banded demoiselle Drying Off19
Les Wiggin1Barn Owl With Mouse Catch19
Paul Sutton1Blue-breasted bee eater19
Angie Tucker1Suckling Barbary Macaque19
Mark Fuller2Kingfisher Alcedinidae19
Noel Bennet1Puffin Hanging Out to Dry19
Dave Tucker1Little Owl18
Mark Fuller1Redkite milvus milvus18
Noel Bennet1Guillemot Take-off18
Stuart Crump1Female Hooded Vulture18
Tessa Bramall1Mullein Moth Caterpillar Feeding On Verbascum Flowers18
Brenda Appleyard1Whitethroat18
Dave Tucker1Yellow billed hornbills18
Michelle Sanderson1Hoverfly18
Steve Banner1Red Crested Pochard (female)18
Angie Tucker1The Start Of The Rut17
Michelle Sanderson1Kingfisher17
Miles Caven1Clarks Nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana)17
Pete Jones1Cyanistes caeruleus17
Steve Laycock1Vermiculated Eagle Owl17
Brian Dicks1Blue Roundhead fungi17
John Pearson2Short Eared Owl17
Ken Hulse1Watching Heron17
Steve Laycock1Grasshopper17
Angie Miles1Arctic Turns16
Brenda Appleyard1stonechat16
Brian Dicks1Peacock underside16
Dawn Banner2Puffin16
Judith Tolley1Pheasant16
Angie Miles2Crested Gecko16
Anna Warrington1Female Kingfisher landing on Bullrush16
Clare Davies2Meadow brown in the Barley Field16
John Phillips1Grebes Feeding Young16
Miles Caven1Chilean Flamingo (Phoenicopterus chilensis)16
Stuart Crump1Water Vole Grooming16
Tessa Bramall1Snaizeholm Red Squirrel16