Canon User

  • Angie Tucker   EFIAP/g  DPAGB  BPE4

    My brother bought me my first camera when I was 7, but it turned out not to have any innards, so I didn’t get my first working camera until I had my first wages at 16. I dabbled a bit before we had a family but didn’t take up photography as a serious hobby until 2010, when I had my first acceptance in my first National camera competition. This spurred me one to improve my photography and earn some distinctions. My first camera was a Practica but I soon changed to Canon and have always been happy with my choice. I recently changed all my equipment to mirrorless due to the lighter weight, ease of use and exceptional autofocus, I am now the proud owner of a Canon R5 and R6 as well as a good range of RF (mirrorless) lenses which include telephoto, wide angle, and macro. I love all aspects of photography, including macro and still life, and love entering all levels of competitions as I believe it gives you an incentive to improve your photography. I know I try harder if I have competitions to enter.

    Below is my gallery containing a selection of images.

    18 Tawny-Owl
    19 Bursting-Through
    19 Fireside-Seat
    19 Washday
    20 -Juvinile-Chacma-Baboon
    20 Grumpy-Landlord
    20 Juvenile-Bald-Eagle-In-Flight
    20 Painting-In-Progress
    20 Printer
    20 The-Longest-Prairie-Dog-In-The-World
    20 Yellow-Billed-Hornbill
  • Brian Dicks DPAGB

    I have been a member of the Society since 2007, after taking early retirement from my job as a lecturer in Graphic Design.

    I have served on the committee for several years as PDI Competitions Coordinator, Vice President, President and currently External Competitions Coordinator. 

    I enjoy all aspects of photography, but specialise in none. 

    I currently use Olympus micro four thirds camera and lenses.

    Below is my gallery containing a selection of my higher scoring images.

     17 Car Mascot Copy
    17 Friends at the Fair
    17 The Upside Down House
    18 The Light Between
    18 Winter on the trent  18
    18.2 Through-the-round-window 18.2
    19 Imperial Point
    19 Inside-the-Coalyard
    19 On Blackpool Beach
    19 Passing the Da
    19 Penarth-Pier-
    19 Street Cleaner
    19 The Allen Lambert Galleria
    19 The-Great-British-High-Street
    20 -In The Gallery
    20 Collecting-Daisies
    20 Pasque Flowers
    20 Penarth-Pier-copy
    20 Teamwork
    17 Car Mascot Copy
  • Brian Poynton

    I joined the society as an occasional photographer but had limited artistic ability. I now have learned the technical part but still find the lack of artistic creativity a limitation, in seeing and composing images. My winter Saturdays are spent watching rugby and I have meny images but very few of merit. I enjoy the meetings and realise that you need to contribute to any organisation and took on the role of Webmaster.

    Currently I use an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk2 and enjoy the lighter weight of a 4/3 mirror less camera.

    French-Guiana-Dagonfly 18
    Im going this way 17
    Weathered Tree 18
    French-Guiana-Dagonfly 18
  • Carole Bagshaw

    I joined SPS in the 1990s and have always enjoyed seeing other peoples’ photographs and Audio Visual programmes. Though I’ve given up taking photos now, I used to record our events and travels (pictures to show Grandma what we’d done and where we’d been – Howard just takes the ‘arty’ pictures). I particularly enjoy the social side of the society and our weekly visits to natter in the pub. I am grateful that our society continues to flourish, to be very sociable, and has not been a ‘covid casualty’ or become a ‘zoom only’ society.

  • Dave Tucker EFIAP/p, DPAGB, CPAGB, BPE3

    I enjoy helping others who want to improve their photographic skills. And, on that point, I firmly believe being a member of a good club helps improve your photographic ability and pleasure in seeing your images come to life.

    Personally, I still like to take part in photographic competitions from club level right up to international level and, I’m pleased to say, with some success, having gained my EFIAP/platinum, DPAGB, CPAGB and BPE3* distinctions. I am also a PAGB listed judge as well as being an MCPF recognised A-listed judge. On the camera front, I have recently ‘gone mirrorless’ and use both a Canon R5 and R6 camera along with a range RF lenses and love taking an image from button pressing through to print.

    I am also an affiliate for ON1 RAW photo editing software which we use for all our photo editing on images.

    More details about me can be found on my website at:

    Below is my gallery containing a selection of images.

    18 Long-eared-owl
    18 The-Joker
    19 Davy-lamp
    19 Sleeping-Macaque-1
    19 Southern-Yellow-Billed-Hornbill-Tockus-leucomelas
    19 Tiger-on-log
    19 velcome-to-colditz
    20 Nesting-Shag
    20 Supplication
    20 Warrior-from-the-sea-mist