Olympus User

Olympus User

  • Steve Laycock

    Up until 2014 I had not taken photography seriously only taking pictures of kids growing up and family.

    In 2014 I joined Stafford Photographic Society after being introduced to them by my daughter in law. I quickly realised that I was not very good and entering competitions was an eye opener to just how bad I was.

    I persevered and leant a great deal from other members who were always willing to help and advise.

    I quickly learnt that as an Engineer I was not very good at landscapes and arty type photography.

    My main interests are Wildlife, Nature, Macro and sport and I am still learning.

    If I have problems with anything a great source of information is YouTube which I regularly use.

    When I joined Stafford Photographic Society I joined in Class 2 for beginners and Intermediates.

    I have been in class 1 for 2 seasons now and believe my photography is much improved on when I first started in 2014 and this is down to the help and encouragement of the members.

    I currently use the OM Systems OM1 with a selection of Olympus lenses.

    Below is my Gallery of Best Images

    17 Hoopoe
    18 Samir-Farqun
    18.63 Parachute-Fungi
    19 Silver Studded Blue with early morning dew
    19 Silver-Studded-Blues
    19 Small-Heath-Coenonympha-pamphilus-on-Bell-Heather
    19 Taking the Corner
    19 Twig-Parachute-Fungi-Marasmiellus-ramealis
    20 Flesh-Fly
  • Brian Dicks DPAGB

    I have been a member of the Society since 2007, after taking early retirement from my job as a lecturer in Graphic Design.

    I have served on the committee for several years as PDI Competitions Coordinator, Vice President, President and currently External Competitions Coordinator. 

    I enjoy all aspects of photography, but specialise in none. 

    I currently use Olympus micro four thirds camera and lenses.

    Below is my gallery containing a selection of my higher scoring images.

     17 Car Mascot Copy
    17 Friends at the Fair
    17 The Upside Down House
    18 The Light Between
    18 Underground Naples
    18 Winter on the trent  18
    18.2 Through-the-round-window 18.2
    19 Ceiling Barcelona Opera House
    19 Imperial Point
    19 In the wild flower meadow
    19 Inside-the-Coalyard
    19 On Blackpool Beach
    19 Passing the Da
    19 Penarth-Pier-
    19 Street Cleaner
    19 The Allen Lambert Galleria
    19 The-Great-British-High-Street
    20 -In The Gallery
    20 Collecting-Daisies
    20 Pasque Flowers
    20 Penarth-Pier-copy
    20 Teamwork
    17 Car Mascot Copy
  • Howard Bagshaw ARPS MPAGB FIPF

    I started taking photographs as a teenager and joined SPS in 1990. I’ve been on the committee for much of that time, sometimes as Secretary or President, but mostly ‘dogsbody’. Though I enjoy most genres of photography, I have concentrated in the past 15 years on Audio Visual (AV). Through this interest, Carole and I have made many AV friends, and travelled, around the world, sometimes lecturing, sometimes judging international AV competitions. I am a PAGB AV judge and have been on distinction assessment panels for the PAGB and RPS. I was honoured to recently be awarded a Fellowship of the Irish Photographic Federation for my AV work. I’ve accumulated far too much photographic kit, but mainly use my iPhone and Olympus MFT systems.

    Below is my gallery containing a selection of images.

    19 Another-Welsh-Summer
    19 Tibetan-Knitter
    20 Another-Welsh-Summer
    20 Kelpies-at-Dusk
    20 Ornsay-Lighthouse-Skye
  • Judi Dicks DPAGB APBE

    I joined Stafford Photographic Society in 2007 having taken voluntary redundancy from my job as Customer Service Manager at the Co-operative bank, looking for new challenge. I soon got hooked and started entering competitions, both internal and external, and took on the role of External Competitions Co-ordinator on behalf of the society. I have learnt so much from the society and it’s members, helping me to obtain an ARPS – Associate member of the Royal Photographic Society. A DPAG distinction award from the Photographic Alliance of great Britain and an Associate of the British Photographic Exhibitions – APBE I particularly enjoy coastal scenery, urban landscape, street and candid photography along with garden and plant photography – basically I enjoy being outside so not keen on shooting in a studios, I also enjoy my sleep too much to catch the early morning landscapes. I currently us an Olympus micro four thirds camera and lenses

    Below in my gallery containing a selection of images.

    17 Breaking through the cloud
    17.148 Hengistbury Head
    18 High Tide at Southwold
    19 Aberaron Pastel
    19 Ccommunications
    19 Fashion-victim
    19 Hellebores
    19 Storm light New Brighton
    19 The Patriotic Cat
    19-Museum Staircase
    20 Communications
    20 Geometrics
    20 Gooseneck & Clary
    20 high Tide at Southport
    20 Iris
    20 Irises
    20 Love Unfurling
    20 Mett me at the Yellow Beach Hut
    20 mum
    20 Shower Block
    20 Straight Lines
  • Brian Poynton

    I joined the society as an occasional photographer but had limited artistic ability. I now have learned the technical part but still find the lack of artistic creativity a limitation, in seeing and composing images. My winter Saturdays are spent watching rugby and I have meny images but very few of merit. I enjoy the meetings and realise that you need to contribute to any organisation and took on the role of Webmaster.

    Currently I use an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk2 and enjoy the lighter weight of a 4/3 mirror less camera.

    French-Guiana-Dagonfly 18
    Im going this way 17
    Weathered Tree 18
    French-Guiana-Dagonfly 18